[Important] The Operation of Our Museum (updated on April 30)

We will make all efforts to keep our community healthy including visitors and staff, and take necessary measures against the spread of COVID-19. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.
We invite you to visit our official website and twitter for updates.

1 Requests to visitors in order to prevent infection

(1) Before you visit
 If you have a fever, cough or sore throat, please find another day to visit us.

(2) Admission

 The Rear Gate is now for exit only.
 Please wear a mask and use the hand sanitizer (with dispensers placed at museum entrance).
 Please prepare the correct amount of cash for purchasing the ticket.
 Luggage storage service will be suspended. Please do not bring anything that does not fit into the coin locker (29×35×39).

(3) In the museum shop of the main building
 Please use the hand sanitizer before you enter the shop. Please refrain from touching the goods before you decide to purchase.

(4) The following activities have been suspended.
  • Stamp collecting
  • Guided tour by volunteers
  • Open of the pit below the stage (naraku) of the Kabuki Stage from Funakoshi
  • Use of the book corner

2 Others

  • Visiting in a group is OK. Please take your temperature before you come, wear a mask and use the hand sanitizer before entering. During your visit, please disperse instead of gathering together in one place.
  • Guided tours (both Japanese and English) by volunteers are not provided for the time being.

(2)About Events
Please inquire for latest updates.

3 Measures against infection
  • Infection-prevention film will be installed at the ticket counter, and the reception staff will wear a mask.
  • Tray is used to hand over money at the ticket counter/museum shop.
  • All staff take their temperature before work, wear a mask at work, and sanitize their hands often.
  • The facilities are disinfected on a regular basis.
  • The doors in the main building are kept open, and the ventilation fans are kept on.

4 About the Soba Restaurant
Dining in the restaurant without being admitted to Minkaen is possible only on weekdays. Please be noted that on weekends and public holidays, the restaurant is still limited only to visitors admitted to Minkaen.