The object and the organization of the society

Club Mark
The object of the society is to hand down the skills of making folk tools and utensils, and to learn the intelligence of the predecessors who had made the best use of the special qualities and the advantages of natural materials. Having the main purpose of making the tools for daily life (especially consumables), the society consists of groups of ‘practical skills’, such as straw works, bamboo works, weaving, and the groups of ‘study and edit’ with which they aim at popularization by writing. They started in October, 1973.

Activity schedule

On Sundays 10:00-12:00, 13:00-14:30 (Night work 18:00-20:00)
(Please excuse us when some changes of the schedule occur.)

In cooperation with

Mingu-Seisaku-Gijutu-Hozonkai (Society of Preserving Arts and Skills of Making Folk Tools)
  • Straw works, Bamboo works, Weaving