Rest Place/Shop

Soba Restaurant “SHIRAKAWAGOU”

Shop Soba Restaurant “SHIRAKAWAGOU”
1st Floor of 10. THE YAMASHITA HOUSE (an important cultural property designated by Kanagawa Prefecture), which is located in the middle of Minkaen.
You are welcome to dine in the restaurant without being admitted to Minkaen.
*The use of the restaurant may be limited to visitors of Minkaen only when it is crowded.


11:00 – around 14:30
* It may close earlier if soba is sold out.

Closed on

The days when Nihon Minkaen is closed.

TEL: 044-932-7747

For making a reservation or inquiring about opening hours and etc.


Buckwheat noodles All prices under 1000 yen.
  • Minkaen-soba (Hot soba with three mix on top)
  • Sansai-soba (Hot soba with wild vegetable)
  • Tororo-soba (Hot soba with grated yam)
  • Mori-soba (Cold soba)
  • Hiyashi-tororo-soba (Cold soba with grated yam)
  • Hiyashi-tanuki-soba (Cold soba with tempura crumbs) *Summer only
  • Anmitsu (Mitsumame topped with bean jam) 530 yen
  • Mitsu-mame (vegetable gelatine and beans with muscovado syrup) 470 yen
  • Ice cream (green tea or vanilla or sesame) *Except winter 350 yen

Dango Stand “MIYOSHINO”

Dango Stand “MIYOSHINO”
A branch of Japanese sweets shop “MIYOSHINO”.
* Please enjoy your food or drink in rest area. Please do not eat or drink while walking.


11:00 ~ 14:30 (may vary depending on weather condition)


The days when Nihon Minkaen is closed.
Wednesdays (open if it is public holiday)
Temporary closures.

Main Sweets

  • Minkaen Monaka (wafers filled with bean jam/sesame jam): 340 yen (2 pieces)
  • Dango (rice dumpling covered with a sweet soy sauce glaze/bean jam/laver): 180 yen (2 skewers)
  • Millet Daifuku (soft round rice cake filled with bean jam): 250 yen (4 pieces)
  • Horse chestnut Daifuku (soft round rice cake filled with bean jam): 300 yen (2 pieces)


The Museum Shop at the entrance of the main building offers publications & booklets issued by the museum, original design goods like T-shirts & postcards, folk tools like bamboo basket crafted by Mingu-Seisaku-Gijutu-Hozonkai (The Society of Preserving Arts and Skills of Making Folk Tools), and indigo dyed items made by the Traditional Indigo Dyeing Workshop. Some of the items are also available for purchase in Dentou-Kougeikan (the Traditional Indigo Dyeing Workshop).
Please drop by and choose items as souvenir of your visit, and gifts for your family and friends.
All major credit cards are accepted.

Original Goods

  • Picture postcards which can be purchased separately
    100 yen (a set with 25 types inside also available: 1,530 yen)
  • Plastic file folder
    150 yen (A4, 21.0cm×29.7cm, both sides colored)
  • T-shirts (Size: 100cm, 120cm, 150cm, 160cm, S, M, L, XL. Color: dark blue, charcoal gray, dark green. Price: 2,500yen~ 3,000yen)
  • One-stroke note
    380 yen (10.0cm×14.7cm, hand-printed, 15 sheets in one package)
  • Original Begoma (Japanese traditional spinning top)
    300 yen

Folk tools crafted by Mingu-Seisaku-Gijutu-Hozonkai

  • Bamboo basket
    (Price:1,200~yen *The price, size and shape may vary constantly, please confirm at the museum shop.)
  • Windmill toy

Indigo dyed items made by the Traditional Indigo Dyeing Workshop

Original Indigo dyed items made by the staff of the Traditional Indigo Dyeing Workshop are offered for purchase in both the main building and the Traditional Indigo Dyeing Workshop (West Gate).

[Size] handkerchief: 42cm×42cm, bandana: 53cm×53cm

  • Indigo dyed handkerchief: 900 ~ 1,100 yen
  • Indigo dyed bandana: 1,200 ~ 1,500 yen
  • Indigo dyed hand towel: 1,200 ~ 1,800 yen
  • Indigo dyed bag: 1,800 yen
  • Indigo dyed (in stencil dyeing method) gauze towel: 1,200 yen
  • Organic cotton gloves: 1,200 yen