Worksheet for Enjoying the Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum More

The worksheet for enjoying the Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum more, “What kind of place was that folk house located in?” was completed by Prof. Namiko Minai of Japan Women’s University, as a result of a university-community collaboration project of Tama Ward, Kawasaki City.
The worksheet was created mainly by students studying architecture and urban planning in the Minai Laboratory of the Department of Housing Studies at Japan Women’s University. The PDF file is available in English version and Vietnamese version, in addition to a Japanese version for people of different age, from elementary school students to adults, and an easy Japanese version for foreign visitors studying Japanese. We hope you will find it useful.
*The web page in the link below is written mainly in Japanese .

The PDF files can be viewed and downloaded from the website of the Minai Laboratory.(Open in another window)